Sunday, August 23, 2009

Zenith CH701 Project For Sale

OK--As much as I have enjoyed this experience, my priorities have recently shifted and I'm putting the 701 up for sale.

I'd like to sell the airplane project as is for $2000 (this includes the Fuselage Kit with windshield, Tail Kit, Manuals and Drawings)
I'll throw in the Tool Kit (plus a Kobalt pneumatic drill) for an additional $300.

Here is the breakdown of the project cost at this point (Savings to you of over $3000):
Fuselage Kit (with windshield) $2950
. Tail Kit $1210
. Tool Kit $545
. Manuals and Drawings $380
. MO Sales Tax $363
. Total $5448

The windshield is currently a part of the Finishing Kit--so the Finishing Kit will cost you less than what is published on Zenith's website:

If interested, please contact me (David) at david.cytrynowicz 'at'

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